Keeping me waiting…

I’ve heard that when you keep someone waiting, they’re counting your faults. I’m a pretty patient waiter which makes Sally, my cycling companion, and me compatible, because she can find more reasons to make a person wait than one can imagine. It’s not just that she can’t keep up on the climb (which she can because she has an e-bike, but she doesn’t like to exert herself), and she’s inclined to take her time on the descent, but she also has to stop frequently to check her heart rate monitor, apply chap stick, answer her text messages, apply sun screen, eat a snack, take a snapshot or twenty of a beautiful leaf, add a layer of clothing, take off a layer, etc. And the worst of it is, she doesn’t have enough faults for me to entertain myself by counting them.

While her dawdling can be aggravating, I’m not sure it can even be called a fault; it’s just her nature. When she perseverates about whether she will need a windbreaker or not, I suggest that, since it weighs nothing, she stuff it in the pack instead of dithering about it.

Sally with her well-stocked pack

She always carries a pack that looks like she’s doing a through hike of the Appalachian Trail, so space isn’t an issue. I never have to worry about packing food because she always has a smorgasbord of tasty snacks and generously shares them with me. Stuffed into her oversized hydration pack are jackets, shirts, leg guards, dry sports bras, extra gloves, piano bench and monkey wrench. When we stop so she can apply sun screen, everything comes out. It looks like we’re holding a trail-side garage sale.

Saturday, riding with Sally, my back was giving me fits and my patience wore a bit thin, especially as the day wore on and I got hungry. So today, I decided to ride with the guys. Guys generally aren’t inclined to dally and they certainly don’t make me wait on the descents. But, oh my Dog, their conversation is so boring! How they can carry on about the length of their cranks, how quickly their seat post rises, how much travel their fork has, gear ratios, etc! I can tell you’re bored just reading about it. So, I think I’ll go back to waiting for Sally. At least we talk about interesting things…like work, our dogs, and people who dump trash.

Found miles from any road. Size 36/32. Message me if you want them.

8 thoughts on “Keeping me waiting…

    1. Those pants have been lying in the brush at the crest of a hill for weeks. We can’t help but ponder what circumstances would make someone leave their pants miles from civilization. Did two chubby guys climb this hill, remove their trousers, then walk home in their tighty whities? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Hehe! Sally sounds like the perfect biking companion – always prepared! You could have changed the subject by saying “How about those Packers/Bears/Seahawks etc” I’m sure one of them would take the bait and at least you’d hear about their predictions for football season or how their fantasy league is doing!! ❤

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  2. This reminds me of listening to my granddad talk about playing golf with women. Of course, he was strictly referring to the few times he golfed with my grandmother before their divorce – an unrelated occurrence – but laying her dawdling tendencies at the feet of an entire gender. Quite a humorous endeavor to pass the time on a couple links, it also had the beneficial side effect of driving him to distraction and literally keeping him “off his game” for a few holes. 😛


  3. I think that’s what we women call a handicap. The distraction served the purpose of leveling the playing field AND discouraging him from playing with them again. LOL I love your way with words! “…laying her dawdling tendencies at the feet of an entire gender.”


  4. Sally put you at patience school, Judy, to make your patience more performant ! I stop there because at reading this you will be angry with me ! Personally i would be a bit like Sally ( except for the pack )
    Great funny post
    Love ❤


    1. I seldom grow impatient with her because it’s just how she is and I treasure everything about her. And you’re right, I NEED lessons in patience because my temperament is quite the opposite.


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