Dog Days of Summer


When you wake up to seventy degree weather at 6:00 in the morning, there’s only one thing to do: head for the hills. I loaded the dogs into the SUV (you know dogs, it’s their favorite thing, right up there with walks, meals, naps, digging holes, and chasing wildlife) and drove up to walk a section of the Santa Ana River Trail.

A view of Slide Peak from the SART


Lupine (I think)


The gnats were there waiting for us and quickly alerted their friends, the deer flies, that breakfast was ready. Although it was in the low seventies, the combination of humidity and bugs took the fun out of our hike.

Sadie expresses her lack of enthusiasm.

We arrived back home just in time to save the garden.

Tomato plant and wilted squash plants


Mike installed an air conditioner in the dog house.


And unlike mad dogs and Englishmen, we all stayed out of the mid-day sun and took a nap. Molly and Sadie thought the air conditioner was almost as good as a ride in the car.

Molly, the cutest & smartest dog in the world


Sadie, the most beautiful, well-behaved dog in the world