Still Good Advice

The only reason this poster remains on the pole this long after the election must be because it’s over the heads of most of my neighbors. I never noticed it before so I’m guessing the flag-whipping, 4X4 truck drivers that roar through town never look up either.

8 thoughts on “Still Good Advice

  1. It’s a pity the obvious truths (and even more obvious turns of his own phrases) don’t sink in with his followers. I think it’s more a reflexive defense against admitting one’s own gullibility than actual support at this point.
    Or, the things I say about his supporters that people tell me is mean was actually way too generous.
    So hard to tell.


    1. Yeah, the meanest things I verbalize pale by comparison to what I’m thinking. I like to think that when someone regurgitates some vitriol they heard on TV, it’s only because they haven’t thought it through, and it resonates favorably in the bubble they live in.

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  2. That vitriol, he said as devil’s advocate, spews as freely from National Propaganda Radio et al as it does from a militia compound in Ohio. The real problem here is knee jerk divisiveness. Fucking Obiden is at least as big a pervert if not more of a drooler than his predecessor. My real problem is my generation is currently masquerading as not only Donald trump but Pelosi, Shumer, and Sanders. How fucked up is that? No wonder I quit the frat and turned musician. Nobody’s fucking “right” when they’re hanging off the edge.


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