A Trip to the Spa

I may have mentioned my dentist in previous posts but she really is a remarkable woman and bears a second visit.

When my sister, Babs, first started seeing her, I thought she (my sister) was crazy, that is until she came home with a beautiful new smile. The “Queen of Teeth” had replaced all of her graying, oddly positioned, front teeth with lovely, even, white crowns. Suddenly the thousands of dollars she had shelled out seemed like a reasonable price to pay for such an attractive smile. I quickly made an appointment.

“The Queen” is a little sprite of a woman, barely five feet tall in her platform heels. Spiky blonde hair adds an inch or two but she still has to lower the chair to its lowest limit when she works on upper teeth. Proportionally tiny hands enable her to almost get both hands into my mouth at the same time. This is a very desirable trait in both dentists and gynecologists.

Her office is tastefully appointed, with massaging chairs and the kindest, prettiest support staff imaginable. If one is on time for one’s appointment, there is never a wait. Soothing classical music wafts through the treatment cubicle and there’s a flat-screen TV for the patient’s viewing pleasure. Like flying business class, a “stewardess” offers the patient a variety of liquid refreshment that includes smoothies, coffee drinks, tea, juice, or bottled water. Cozy polar fleece lap blankets are stacked within arm’s reach to ensure your comfort.

I’ve never availed myself of the juice bar but today I heard another patient ask for an iced mocha latte. I had once mentioned that my previous dentist would greet me with a glass of sherry after I confessed to bolting down a shot of tequila in the parking lot to calm my nerves before a root canal. Nobody seemed to jump on that idea; but today, when I mentioned that I’d considered taking one of the leftover Valium tablets she had prescribed for my six-crowns-at-one-time visit, she offered to get one for me from her supply. I admitted that something medicinal to take the edge off sounded fun. Since I was going to work while she made the crown, we agreed that a half of one was probably about right.

What a brilliant idea! I will never go through the tedious process of a crown again without mother’s little helper. Instead of lying there longing for relief from the drilling and sucking and cramped jaw, I nearly napped in utter relaxation. At one point, I vaguely remember she, of the diminutive mitts, inserted her entire hand into my mouth to fit the crown and then invited her assistant to join her by using both of her hands to run the floss between the adjacent teeth while she held the crown in place. I think the stretch marks around my mouth will be temporary.

I’m thinking that woman who ordered the fancy coffee drink would have kicked herself had she learned there were even better options not shown on the menu.

What to Do First?

Today is the second week of my new four-day workweek and I’m paralyzed with indecision of how to spend my extra day of freedom.

A bike ride is tantalizing but the garden beckons. The house is a mess but I know if I spend Friday cleaning, it will be dirty again by Sunday (more accurately, Friday night). I absolutely MUST wash Mum’s hair and clean her house, but it can wait until I’m too tired to do anything more strenuous. And then Molly and Sadie are lobbying hard for a walk in the wash on this cool, overcast, snake-free morning.

Speaking of snakes, we stumbled upon two of them on our hike last weekend. Walking in a group of four women, up a familiar trail, nobody was paying much attention to the surroundings. Three of us AND my two dogs were already past a gopher snake stretched half-way across the trail, before MFN Tara pointed him out to us. Later, Tara spotted another beautiful specimen slithering across the driveway, in the parking lot. Again, Molly and Sadie were not at all interested, making me wonder if their anti-rattlesnake training had been effective.

And here I sit, squandering my Friday off!