Homeward Bound, I Wish I Weren’t

I’ve never had the luxury of a vacation so long that I got homesick. My longest vacation, having worked my entire life, was sixteen days. So, naturally, after just three days, I was reluctant to turn the horses towards the barn and face the routine of the Church Secretary. I long ago learned that injecting one last stop on the route home gives one something to look forward to even while getting inexorably closer to home.

Somehow the rest of this blog got deleted so I’ll re-post the pictures of Valley of Fire where we explored a couple of very short trails before heading home.



3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound, I Wish I Weren’t

  1. Oh yes! There is nothing worse than having the last day of a vacation be nothing but a trudge home. We always try to make the trip home at least as fun as the trip away from home!!


  2. , This is a landscape of Old Red Sandstones. Your eyes should be drunk of colors and strange forms, your legs tired to go and down steep slopes . Kari was out: but happy .
    The most happy ,of course ,was you Judi.
    Look at those incredible photos , they show the strangeity and the beauty of the canyon , the rare flora and despite of this flock of kind of deer. Bravo to the photographers /
    Love ❤


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