40 Days and 40 Nights

We Southern Californians aren’t very good at telling time when it comes to cold, rainy weather. It goes something like this:

Day 1 – Okay, the weather report said it would rain by noon today so we had better get a bike ride in early.

Baby it’s cold outside!

Day 2 – Ah, a rainy day, perfect for baking cookies, except the previously unopened jar of all natural peanut butter has a layer of oil, inch-deep on the top and the ground peanuts below are hard as clay. The “best by” date says July 2021 but I’m not one to demand the best so I generate some much-needed body heat by stirring it into a lumpy form of “butter”. While I wait for the dough to chill, I check the weather report. Yup, more rain to come;

Day 3 – Well, actually, it’s still day 2 but it’s now 3:00 in the afternoon and my laundry is folded and put away, there’s bread rising in the bread machine, the house has been cleaned (more or less) and I’ve completed my prescribed exercises for my geriatric hip/back pain;

Day 4 – I check the calendar to confirm that it’s still January 15th, then I check the weather report again. It’s the same as it was yesterday which was really this morning, or was it yesterday morning?

In the last 2 days (or has it been 4?), I’ve finished two books that I’d been reading long enough that I had to renew them. The Orphan Master’s Son (good read despite the torture) and The Four Winds (think Grapes of Wrath Lite), neither of which did much to lighten my mood.

Now, here I sit, in my jammies, eating potato chips and waiting for my subscriptions on Word Press to post something. I’m only half way through the predicted 40 days and 40 nights of rain. It would be hard to take if not for the promise of green hills and superlative traction to come.

17 thoughts on “40 Days and 40 Nights

  1. Look at you, finding the bright side of green hills and – what did you say…superlative? – good traction to come in all that gloom. And I love the way you nod at lost time. What SoCal resident needs alien abductions when you have sun deprivation?
    All joking aside, stay safe down there. Your topography isn’t built for that weather like ours is!

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    1. It does get sort of monotonous when it rains day after day, doesn’t it?! That’s a beautiful shot of the mountains with snow on top — from here, they’ve been obstructed by clouds!

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      1. We had some relatively clear days last week and I took advantage of them to walk the dogs in the hills. They seem content to sleep day and night until they hear the jingle of their dog tags. Then all that pent up energy becomes apparent.

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        1. That’s a lot like me — I get rather squirmy after about 3 days of rainy weather! The pandemic and aging have helped that — this time I made it through the first week, and was super happy to have a couple of days without rain late last week!


  2. Two or four days of rain and grey skies and you are in a bad way – you wouldn’t last in Northern Indiana! We saw the sun for about an hour this afternoon. The cold and cloudy weather will persist for the next 2 months!! I too am looking forward to the “greening” of spring…

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      1. Ha! It is only cookies for the holidays. I’m baking bread pudding tomorrow or Wednesday. Then I will have the problem of trying to foist it on my husband and son… If I ate everything I made I’d be in trouble!


    1. We rarely get rain, so when we do, I have to brag about it. This year we have already received more precipitation than we often get in two years. Yay! Any break in the tedious drought is reason for celebration.

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