Let’s See, Now Where Was I?

Oh, yeah, the trip from Denver. Well, after Sedona everything paled by comparison.We drove home through desert scenery that would flabbergast anyone who had never seen saguaro forests, desiccated wadis, brooding mountains, or untenable cities sprawling over a hellish wasteland. Well, to be honest, we skirted Phoenix by traveling a new freeway that was built with the expectation of Colorado River water being infinite.

We stopped in Indio at El Mexicali Cafe to grab some breakfast/lunch/dinner, knowing that the fridge at home would be as bleak a wasteland as the aforementioned desert.

El Mexicali is squeezed into a strip of land between the railroad tracks and heavily-trafficked Indio Blvd. which makes the outside dining patio about as inviting as a table in the infield of the Indy 500.

But the dining room was as warm and hospitable as your abuela’s kitchen and your tio’s favorite cantina. Seriously, if you’re ever hungry in Indio, skip all the chain restaurants and try the fish tacos here. Heck, the chips and salsa and guacamole are worth the price of admission.

I spent the next two days preparing food to take to Carlsbad for the family Christmas event. My traditional dishes are rum cake and zucchini appetizer pie.

Sadie gave me this reproachful look when I informed her that I was leaving again.

The time at the beach flew by as we hiked, ate, drank and generally behaved, or more accurately, misbehaved like children.

Like good little Dutch people, we leave our shoes at the door…even in a rental.

And then it was all over but the journaling, blogging, and remembering.

6 thoughts on “Let’s See, Now Where Was I?

  1. I love the matching hoodies! And yes leaving the shoes at the door – standard even among the non-Dutch! Glad you had fun and also glad you are blogging about it!!


    1. This was quite the event for my small family. I think it was the first time every one of my mom’s progeny gathered at one time. It was especially fun because my great-niece recently married a man who has two kids who were absolutely adorable, pink hair and all.


  2. It’s alway unusual path in your travels , Judy and you alway manage to find confy restautant in the wild
    The dogs look alway happy to taste th comfort with you.
    Best wishes for the year 2023.
    Love ❤


  3. I do love to eat so I usually make it a point to find a small, interesting restaurant along the way. It has gotten increasingly difficult as the chain restaurants seem to have taken over.


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