Winter Joys in Southern California

Morning on Mountain Home Creek Road

Winter in Southern California is a season of freedom: freedom to sleep in as late as you want because there’s no need to hit the trail before it gets hot; freedom to traipse through brush and rock without fear of stepping on rattlesnakes; freedom from applying sunscreen.

Camping in the Mojave Desert
Exploring Afton Canyon – Mojave Natural Area
An outdoor shower after a bike ride
Happy Dogs

And this one just because I like it though it has no relevance to anything.

10 thoughts on “Winter Joys in Southern California

  1. Dogs exploring the mountains, car and trailer raidy, dogs near the high cliffs , women enjoying a shower in the nature, dogs looking at you with love and “history” of the potatoes sacs race.
    We see dogs always are with you, Judy.
    Love ❤


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