Too Many Hurdles

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What’s up with the new tedious sign-in procedure every time I want to comment on one of my subscription’s posts? Is it just me, or is everyone jumping through hoops to weigh in? That coupled with the fact that my computer seems to have contracted a bug that makes my mouse uncooperative, is severely dampening my ability to leave cheery, witty, positive comments when I’m snarling inside.

So, I apologize to my many clever and interesting blogger friends for simply hitting the “like” button on their posts. Anything more is just too labor intensive until I get my computer fixed or replaced.

12 thoughts on “Too Many Hurdles

  1. I hate pile on comments, but here ya go. My mouse (Bluetooth) has been insane lately. A normally cooperative, unpressured computer that I use for writing and email is randomly freezing. No bugs, no malware. I don’t get it. I log in to WP without issue and can comment on my own or other’s posts. However, I have suddenly started receiving email notifications of every comment on every blog, which I turned off years ago. WP has been randomly unfollowing blogs for me. The other day the compose window was full screen wide, no way to get it back. Two days later it was sane again. I don’t have your exact problem, but for several weeks there has been a definite uptick in ghost in the machine activity.

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  2. Misery loves company so, thank you for sharing! I can never be sure if it’s the loose nut behind the wheel or a problem with WordPress. I’ve never found it to be especially user friendly but now I can’t reply to comments from my own site. I can only access the comment via the link in my email, and then I have to log in each time. Oh, how I miss Xanga!

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  3. The problem is intermittent. Sometimes it works fine and then it goes all herky jerky like there’s something running behind the scene using up all the computing power I have. And it varies from one application to the next. In my banking app, it won’t allow me to enter an amount when I want to pay a bill. In WordPress it won’t activate the “reply” button. Makes me wish I knew a computer geek instead of, or in addition to, of a bunch of bibliophiles, doctors, class clowns and weirdos. (you get to pick your own classification here, or add your own). Oh and to make it even more puzzling, my husband’s computer had the same problem but was resolved when he installed an update. Mine installs updates automatically.


    1. like there’s something running behind the scene using up all the computing power I have. There it is. I opened the computer activity monitor to see WTH and simply opening Word hit the CPU ceiling with 100%. That’s insane. It’s got to be in one of the latest updates.


  4. My Internet is slow but not weirdos , Judy .
    Perhaps your area become not good for the transmission of the Internet ??? Internet is a excellent tool but sometimes weird, and more , who know how this works ?
    I wish you vivid Internet that makes you cool and happy, Judy.
    Love ❤


  5. I am so incompetent that I always assume everything is my fault. My computer assumes I am never signed in. Sometimes I have to sign in twice to make a comment. If I make 20 comments in a day, I probably sign in 30 times. Most people would probably figure out why or stop making comments but I just keep playing along like it is a Rube Goldberg puzzle and I have infinite time.


    1. Well, thank you for sharing that. Misery loves company. Somehow it’s reassuring to learn that someone as obviously erudite and witty as you are, is also incompetent at something. I’m doubly flattered that you commented!


  6. Same here when I use an iPad. While traveling I could access posts but not leave comments! Then it happened at home. Seems when my computer ran a security scan it removed all my cookies and saved passwords. Now I’m finally back to normal but only after I accepted all the cookies back!


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