Making a List and Checking it Twice

You would think that every camping trip would pretty much entail the same thing and therefore require the same preparation. But you would be wrong. Well, maybe you’re right, but I can still make a four day trip into a week of planning. Believing that anticipation is half the fun, I start making lists of meals to make and the requisite grocery lists (Yvonne at Hello World would love to get her hands on my lists, clothes to pack, electronics to charge, camping trailer to ready (an entire list unto itself), and pre-trip cooking for the husband and mother-in -law, left behind, and the campers, sister Babs and niece Tara.

To say that Babs and Tara are not fond of cooking would be a gross understatement. When Covid restrictions hit, the only thing my sister missed more than her yoga class was eating in restaurants. For me, not much changed other than my grocery shopping attire.

A typical trip to the grocery store before vaccination

So, I’m the designated cook and sommelier, since neither of them are big wine drinkers either. Knowing that after a hard day of hiking and biking, I’m not inclined to bending over a too-low cook stove for anything more than re-heating, I prepare and freeze entrees and pack fresh stuff for salads. If I do say so myself, my salads are a work of art. This trip, my sister volunteered to make her legendary vegetable lasagna. That leaves me with just chili and cornbread, and another meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

When my garden is hibernating, I shop three or four different stores to find the ingredients for my “green” salads.

Today’s list, two days before lift off, went as follows:

Wash & vacuum car;
Go to Steve’s house to pick oranges;
Pick grapefruit at Robin’s (next door);
Locate wheel lock (just in case I get a flat tire);
Trader Joes – they have the best heirloom tomatoes and snack foods;
Ranch Market – they have the best and cheapest produce and tortillas made fresh while you watch;
Pick kumquats at Barb’s house;
Transplant tomato seedlings (they may be too big to separate by the time I return);
Make yogurt/peanut butter dip;
Do laundry;
Take a nap.

Tomorrow everything gets loaded into the Wanderlust for an early Tuesday departure. The dogs, seeing the preparations, are following me around like little shadows, either in anticipation or fear of being left behind.

7 thoughts on “Making a List and Checking it Twice

  1. I was a list maker too, and packed “quick meals” (reheatable leftovers) in the RV freezer so we could pop dinner in the microwave and eat 5 minutes later. The anticipation is half the fun. Sometimes I wonder if we are long-lost sisters, Judy. Our habits are eerily similar.


    1. LOL My dad was a pretty monogamous fellow, so I doubt we’re long-lost sisters but we could absolutely be cousins. I have 42 cousins on my mom’s side, some I don’t even know.


  2. You look like a warrior plunged in a toxic gas place ,Judy :). If I have well understood you prepare a trip ( with your dogs in the trailer !! 🙂 While Your husband , your sister Bab and your niece remain at home ! Poor people 🙂
    I wish you a happy travel in the mountains . It is sure you will not suffer from hungerness!
    Love ❤


  3. The husband and I spend our car trip glancing at travel trailers and wondering about the price of a truck to pull one. We have decided we can afford the travel trailer but not the truck.

    Enjoy your trip! Are you doing all the driving or sharing driving?


    1. Well, if you don’t mind roughing it a bit, my Aliner can be pulled with a passenger car. I’ve seen people towing with a Subaru. My Lexus SUV doesn’t even know it’s back there.


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