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After reading an article that said all of the wonderfully plush toilet paper we had been enjoying was made from virgin Canadian forests, I have been on a mission to find an environmentally friendly tissue that won’t rip me a new a$$#@!!. Research suggested that Trader Joes recycled TP was one of the best but Mike complained that, with our vegetarian-diet-induced bowel movement frequency, his backside was getting rubbed raw by the tree-friendly product.

Imagine my delight when I found allegedly butt-friendly paper made from sustainably grown bamboo at Costco. Thinking of my unimaginably soft shirt made of bamboo, I brought a jumbo sized package home, at no small expense.

We have choices: bamboo TP or Pedi-egg.

I think maybe they used the thick stalks rather than the tender leaves to make this tissue. And, I can’t object if the panda bears are getting the tender parts, but my tender parts are not immediately thrilled with the leftovers. One side of the paper is reasonably smooth, but the other side resembles a cheese grater or maybe one of those things you use to remove calluses on your feet. Woe unto the half-asleep woman who stumbles into the bathroom and 4:00 A.M. and thoughtlessly applies the grater side to her moist parts!

I’m beginning to question how important virgin forests in Canada really are. Maybe we should leave the bamboo for pandas, sheets and tee-shirts.

6 thoughts on “TP Search

  1. HEHEHEHAHAHA! *gasp* Oh Judy! You have tickled me with this post. I know this struggle! However I would posit that perhaps, maybe those “virgin” forests are just the “first cutting” in managed forestry areas… As I see it, a virgin tree is every tree that has never been cut down thus every tree is a virgin. Save the tush! Be kind to your behind. Use the soft stuff…


  2. LOL, JRR. I have tried practically every brand and type of recycled, organic, and environmentally-friendly TP. (It’s like soy or almond milk, I keep hoping to find one as good as real milk but it does not exist.) Hubby is unhappy with anything but Charmin Strong (red wrapper). I’ve managed to amass a sizable stockpile and hope that, plus one additional package per grocery trip, will get us through the second COVID wave. Love the photo and comparison…


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