The Man Cave – A Wife’s Salvation

Ladies, have you noticed lately that your man seems to be more annoying than previously, and by previously, I mean pre-Covid?

We live in a modestly sized house on a proportionally large lot which normally works out pretty well for me because I’m not crazy about being indoors. However, the house has grown noticeably smaller with both Mike and me (and three cats and two dogs) home almost ALL of the time. Then factor in the Southern California August weather, 108 degrees with 16% humidity, and you have two normally active adults hunkered down, sharing said shrinking space.

But here is the marriage saver: The Man Cave.

The Man Cave

Mike has been building guitars in his spare time for many years, and now that he’s retired, he works at it almost full time. He claims the work is either boring or stressful but I gather there is something therapeutic about it since he’s currently working on numbers 10 and 11. He imagines that he will someday sell them, but since neither of us have any marketing skills, they continue to pile up, each one more beautiful than the last.

These classical, nylon string guitars are more sensitive to humidity than more robust instruments and so are kept in a humidified room. Bear in mind, today’s 16% humidity is uncomfortably high in these parts.

The man cave also serves as our bike shop.

Mike’s Bike Shop

Visitors are welcome so Molly, Sadie, and I visit just long enough to remember how annoying our constant companion can be and then trot back to our own space where I turn the produce of my garden into my own works of art.

13 thoughts on “The Man Cave – A Wife’s Salvation

    1. He would love to teach me how to use his power tools in his man cave, but like guns, they scare me. I am so noise sensitive that I wear ear protection when I vacuum or run the coffee grinder. The garden and the kitchen are my domain.

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  1. I had no idea that your husband was a luthier!! Has he ever considered making a viola or violin? I had to laugh at your photo with the dogs and cat in the kitchen watching you work. The tacos look tasty and your tomatoes are lovely. I’m just keeping ahead of the tomatoes and we have another 2 squash in the refrigerator (ugh). Sparky has taken over the basement and half the computer room. I have a constant battle to keep his “organized chaos” from encroaching on the kitchen, living room, and bed rooms…


    1. No, he pretty much sticks to classical guitars. I’d like him to make me a mandolin or a ukulele, but I guess those are completely different. I’ve been almost keeping up with the tomatoes and squash with the help of my neighbors and friends, though sometimes I feel like they’re avoiding me lately.


  2. The guitars are beautiful. I had a friend in college (biology major, music minor) who custom-built acoustic and electric guitars for people. They sought him out, so he didn’t have to advertise. My mister has a man cave and I have a she-corner, inviolable spaces that have made it possible to live with each other through this pandemic. I like your culinary creations. Pretty and consumable is a good combination, art you can eat. My mom visited a few days ago and dropped off “a few things” from her garden–6 ears of corn, 5 zucchinis, 4 English cukes, 3 red beets, 2# of peaches, and a big head of cabbage (…and a partridge in a pear tree). The only produce I needed to buy at the store today was lettuce for BLT’s. Marriages are like life, whatever doesn’t kill it makes it stronger. šŸ™‚


  3. Your mom sounds like more than a gardener – she must have a farm. All I have left, now that the August heat has descended, are a few remaining hardy tomatoes, butternut squash, and eggplant. Thank goodness the green beans are finished! Picking them in this heat/humidity would be torture.


  4. I knew you would appreciate that one. We are kindred spirits in the garden.
    Mike is working on the tenth and eleventh guitars. They are very similar but with variations in the type of wood used, which will affect the tone ever so slightly. Only a trained ear might hear the difference. Mike is a better luthier than he is a guitarist. That said, I never tire of hearing him play.


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