Listless in Mentone

The long, lazy days of summer stretch even longer and lazier with Covid reduced work hours. Awake before dawn, I lay wondering at the fact that my neighbor’s three little dogs had not awakened me all night, a rarity. Just moments later their sharp, hysterical yips pierced the stillness. And moments later, my own normally self-possessed dog barked a single warning. I went to the front door to see what had the canine neighborhood watch on high alert and saw one of my cats sitting on the front porch. A split second later, she bolted for the back yard and at that same instant I spotted a ghostly coyote in pursuit up the driveway.

My first thought was to turn my dogs loose on the hungry intruder but good sense prevailed and I stepped outside and yelled. He evaporated into the predawn ether.

Now fully awake, I resigned myself to beginning my day. The usual chores: make coffee; feed the dogs; tidy the house; then when daylight permits, harvest the garden and set sprinklers. Summer weather has finally settled in with temperatures well into the triple digits, so any outdoor activities are best done before mid morning. Any dog walking is best before the sun crests the mountains to the east.

By 8:00 we had our bikes loaded on the truck and hydration packs filled, ready to head up the mountains for a morning ride. Even with mountain temperatures being about twenty degrees cooler than the valley, we were motivated to hit the trail early. Mike wore the Go Pro camera to film the ride; he gets a kick out of following me on the singletrack. I think he secretly hopes I’ll go over the edge so he gets good footage.

We were home by lunch time and spent the heat of the day watching the video of our ride, napping, reading, and binge-watching Nurse Jackie.

10 thoughts on “Listless in Mentone

  1. Sounds like a full day. The temps here have been hot but supposedly will cool off this coming week – I’m skeptical. We’ve been seeing more coyotes here too. The neighborhood has been on high alert because some people think the lone coyote will drag off their 10 year old child. Silly. Coyotes are very cautious and skittish and your yelling at it probably gave it heart palpitations! I’d love to see a video but not one where you go over the edge!!!

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    1. Hmm, let’s see, a coyote weighs about 35 pounds at most; a 10 year old child in this country probably weighs 100 pounds. I’m thinking it would take at least 3 of them to drag a kid off into the bushes. I suppose they can only hope.

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  2. Every now and then, I think about moving out West. Then I peruse blogs like yours and remember why I haven’t: coyotes, triple digits, sprinklers. I’ve never seen a coyote here, triple digits are rare, and rain is in the forecast for the next three days. I doubt Mike is hoping for “good footage” but it might exonerate him if anything happened to you, you daredevil! I haven’t made Nurse Jackie’s acquaintance yet, but maybe I ought to? 🙂


  3. Yeah, just because you haven’t seen coyotes, doesn’t mean they don’t live among you. I do however, envy your rain. LOL “exonerate Mike”!
    I hesitate to recommend Nurse Jackie. Like Shameless, it probably tells too much about me if I admit to liking the show.


  4. Beautiful scenery, Judy. You live in a beautiful part of the world. We had a bout with coyotes here but ironically since Covid, I have not heard anything of them. They would meander on the golf course among the very wealthy other side of 56th. I joined their facebook site just to read them stories but the coyotes did not cross the road to our lesser side of the street.


    1. LOL I love your view of coyote life…mingling with the hoity toity but stepping nary a paw on your lesser side of the street. I’d keep the cats and ten year olds inside at night just to be safe.

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  5. I am admiring you, Judy, to be able to get up in the early morning to detect abnormal sounds and react
    You command to the coyote !
    Your cat is also to be congratuled for his self control!
    I have just thought of you at reading the post of someone who like use the ways of the immigrants in the XVth century in America. Yourself keeped the spirit of your glorious ancestors
    Here is the link :
    Love ❤


    1. Isn’t it remarkable how the daily lives of others are endlessly interesting. While I tend to follow blogs of people who share my interests, I love to read the musings of those whose lives are foreign. Maybe it would be more accurate to say I like to read people who are a little different and yet a little the same. I used to follow a girl who lived in Shanghai and lived the big city life. But then she got married and had a baby and, of course, got too busy to blog.

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