“In Beauty May She Walk”

Have you ever noticed how the less active you are, the more tired you feel? The more tired you feel, the less inclined you are to pry yourself away from your blog to get some endorphins flowing and the more blue goo settles in your brain.

With Sally gone for the summer, through-hiking the John Muir Trail, I was without my favorite hiking/biking companion. So, I pottered around in the garden, ruining my back with digging, weeding, and harvesting, telling myself that because I was exhausted at the end of the day, I was getting exercise. No! Exercise is when your heart pounds so hard you can hear it in your own ears and you’re breathing so hard that you’re sucking up small pebbles off the ground.

Well, my girlfriend’s back and I’m happy again! Sally’s return got me back on the bike and we rode our favorite trail, the Santa Ana River Trail. We’ve ridden it dozens of times and I’ve described its harrowing exposures, technical stream crossings, and wild descents here more often than most would care to read. So, suffice it to say, heart pounding and heavy breathing ensued. In fact, it dispelled the summer’s ennui so effectively that yesterday, I loaded up the dogs and headed for a mountain hike.

Vivian Creek Trail is often crowded at the trailhead because there’s a waterfall within a quarter of a mile of the picnic area. For some unknown reason, there were two porta-pots stationed in front of the permanent restrooms, perhaps due to the overflow crowds induced by Covid-19. Both were disgusting! Ignorant city folks had dumped all sorts of trash into the toilet along with their usual effluent. Pity the poor guy who has to pump that tank!

Thankfully, the trail itself is too steep for most of the day trippers so, a mile away from the parking lot, we had the trail to ourselves.

https://www.relive.cc/view/vwq1YdBxALq This is a link to a Relive video of my hike and ten of the photos taken along the route. I have the free version so it’s limited to ten still images. I love this app and may have to upgrade. It would be nice if the app would turn itself on automatically because I invariably forget to start it until I’m well into the hike.

The strenuous climb, the soothing sounds of the forest, the company of my dogs, all combined to wash away the concerns of a world gone awry. The few hikers we encountered politely donned masks before passing and greeted us cordially, all reminding me that “all will be well” as I walked in beauty.

17 thoughts on ““In Beauty May She Walk”

  1. Wow!! I love the app that records your travels – very cool! And it was good to see your smiling face and the pups too. That was a longer hike than I’d want to attempt and at an elevation that I probably couldn’t handle… I did snort laugh when you described “Exercise is when your heart pounds so hard you can hear it in your own ears and you’re breathing so hard that you’re sucking up small pebbles off the ground.” Sparky had to come see what I was laughing about…


  2. Why was Sally gone for the summer? Loved “Exercise is when… you’re breathing so hard that you’re sucking up small pebbles off the ground.” LOL. I’ll stick with walking, thanks. Glad the hikers you encountered put masks on, and you were able to find a place of quiet and serenity where tourists dare not go. A few extra porta-potties are probably called for and appreciated, despite their revolting condition. At least people don’t have to furtively relieve themselves in a flower bed behind a church or something. 🙂 I look forward to checking out your link.

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  3. Sally is an intrepid back packer. She and four other family members started hiking in Yosemite National Park and came out 28 days later at Lone Pine, having summitted Mt. Whitney before the final descent.
    Well, if bears do it in the woods, I suppose it’s okay for people to do it in their environment too.

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      1. I’m assuming you mean try the app? I totally recommend it for all sorts of hiking, biking, and even mall exploration. If you’re ambulatory, this app is a fun way to record or “relive” your adventures.


      2. Holy moly! Your comment says 4:16 A.M.!!! Where in the world are you commenting from? It’s 9:28 P.M. here. I don’t think my camping trailer could make the trip to your time zone.


  4. Sally comes back and your face is lightened by a smile , Judy. Gardening indeed is a sport but without the spirit of aadventure we feel in the biking and the hiking in the mountains .
    Love ❤


    1. Oh, Michel, sometimes I feel the spirit of adventure when I crawl on hands and knees to retrieve a tomato or squash (I think you call them courgette) and come face to face with a toad the size of a coffee mug. Adventure is where you find it.


    1. Have camping trailer; will travel! Where are you? I’ve been toying with the idea of a road trip to my hometown in Michigan but have never gone farther than Nevada without human company. I wonder if I’ve got what it takes to be a “solo woman traveler”.

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