Wanderlust Strikes Again

The Sierra Nevada mountains tower over the sprawling desert to the east just a few hours north of my home in Southern California. These implacable mountains are crisscrossed with wilderness trails that lure an intrepid hiker to vistas of the Owens Valley shimmering thousands of feet below, and sparkling alpine lakes.

Preparing the Wanderlust for the journey – new tires, charge the battery, fluff the down comforters, replenish the food box…anticipation is half the fun!

The Girls Gone Mild Hiking and Gossip club won’t be climbing any fourteeners (mountain peaks over 14,000′) but we will be exploring some of the trails above Lone Pine and Bishop. I will soon regale you with exaggerated stories of debauched camp parties where four women consume an entire bottle of wine in a week and fall into bed as the moon rises. Rising before dawn, stiff and sore from the previous day’s trek, we will fortify ourselves with strong, mostly-milk coffee and gird our loins for another day of wonder in this unspoiled paradise.

So, stay tuned for all of the mostly true tales of our adventures!

3 thoughts on “Wanderlust Strikes Again

  1. The car and the trailer look new but where are the bikes ?
    Soon the Sierra Nevada will be yours , in walking the trails or in biking .
    A bottle of wine per week for 4 women does seem much to me ! 🙂 To drink at night after the rides on the steep trails ! 🙂
    Enjoy your trip Judy
    Love ❤


    1. No bikes on this trip, just dogs. Yes, my hiking companions are not very good drinkers but at least we wake up with a clear head for hiking. I actually bought a bottle of French wine for this special occasion; normally we drink California wines because they’re less expensive, and some might argue, just as good. But I still like a nice French pinot noir with a campfire dinner.


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