I Love To Go A-Wandering

A View of Joint Point North in Winter Attire

The girls and I went tramping between rain storms yesterday to do some reconnaissance on one of my favorite trails. The pictured hill is the climax to a most thrilling downhill trail that we call The Motorcycle Trails. Testimony to its e-ticket reputation is the fact that my palms are sweating just writing about it.

Considering the surprises we found on our wash trails, I thought it prudent to look this trail over at walking speed, because once you point your wheel down this hill, there’s no turning back. I’m happy to report that the trail is in spectacular condition, no ruts, no rocks, no impediment to pure downhill fun. (Oh, rats, now I have to use the bathroom. This is the natural sequence after the sweaty palms. I’ll be right back.)

So, my plan for this afternoon’s ride is to shuttle my bike and Sadie up to the college, where I can pick up a climbable trail that will take me to the top of this hill. I’ll have to pedal back up to the car, so it won’t be all fun and games. I think I’ll wear the Go-Pro camera, just in case it gets interesting.

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And here’s some music to get stuck in your head for your own happy wanderings.

6 thoughts on “I Love To Go A-Wandering

  1. Thank you Judy to put us in ecstasy. I imagined gray and dy mountains , a dried vegetation and what do I see ? a green summit; green lawn , and a lot of flowers shown with a video . And yes ; Val da Ra ,ha :! ha! ha ha ! What a fun . Val Da Ri , . Your post is a pure delight , Judy, like you!
    Love ❤


    1. When colder climates are gray and dreary, we are enjoying emerald hills and spring flowers. Come, April, when your world comes to life, our hills will turn golden and by summer will be faded to desiccated brown. To everything there is a season and I particularly LOVE this season.


  2. Beautiful, Judy. Glad the terrain is amenable to racing down at high speeds. Pedaling back up reminds me of kids sledding down hills, then having to slog back up to the top pulling the sled if they want to go again, not fun but you can’t have the fun without it. What’s a Go Pro camera? A body cam that will assist the coroner in figuring out what happened if things get TOO interesting? Take care, enjoy the lush spring colors. 🙂


    1. LOL! I have to laugh because as we rode that short section of highway today, I turned the body cam (aka GoPro) on, just in case some distracted motorist took me out. Seriously, it is the most dangerous thing we ride.

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    1. I know, right?! Now it’s stuck in you brain, isn’t it? It could be worse; it could be the Disneyland It’s a Small World tune. Ugh! I hated that ride from the moment it started and the torture continued for like a half an hour. It was nice and cool though on a hot day.


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