Familiar Dangers

rainy day

This morning my chubby, little kitty gobbled down her breakfast, made the rounds of the other cats’ plates to check for leftovers, then sat at the back door, plaintively mewing to be let out. I couldn’t help but marvel at her seeming disregard for the dangers that lurk outside the safety of the house. When I opened the door, she blithely bounded into the domain of  neighborhood tom cats, stray dogs, hungry coyotes, and calmly sat in plain view to groom herself. Does she not realize what a tasty meal her rotund body represents, what great sport she poses to playful dogs and horny tom cats?

I remember reading somewhere that we are comfortable with the familiar, even familiar dangers.

Wondering at the courage of my little kitty, I waved to my next door neighbor who lit a cigarette as he slid behind the wheel of a car for his morning commute on Southern California freeways.

6 thoughts on “Familiar Dangers

  1. I like the parallel with the neighbor who also exits the house and put himself in harm’s way… cigarette, car, freeway. I guess we are less afraid of the devil we know than the devil we don’t. We wound up with our first outdoor cat about 6 years ago (after a life of indoor ones) and though I was paralyzed with worry about her being out in extreme temps, playing near busy streets, and hanging around with raccoons, skunks, opossums, and neighbors’ outdoor cats and dogs, I could not deny her the freedom she so clearly desired. And after witnessing her evasive and escape skills firsthand (while trying to catch and crate her for a vet appointment), I’m convinced she can fend for herself. 🙂


    1. Yes, we lose very few of them to trauma. I’ve lost one to coyotes, and more than I can remember to cars. The lion’s share of them live to a ripe old age, relying on my final kindness to ease them on their journey.

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