On the Road Again

My old Xanga friends may recall that years ago, I used to regale them with tales of mountain biking adventures in the nether reaches of Utah. I had found a clever little pop-up trailer, after years of sleeping on the ground in a tent, and felt that life was as good as it could get. 16

But, someone needed it worse than I did and ran off with it, leaving me bereft. It wasn’t only that I’d shopped for it for two years, or that I’d spent far more than was justified for the little time I had to use it; it was mostly that I grieved for the loss of the possibilities it represented.

So, for the past two years, I’ve been casually looking for a replacement. Americans like big and they like to take their entire home with them when they go “camping”. I suppose when you live in a 3,500 square foot house, a trailer seems small. But I live in a small house so a tiny trailer works just fine. However, there are not many tiny trailers on the used trailer market. A few weeks ago, I found another Aliner, several years newer and several thousand dollars more expensive, but commensurately nicer. I vacillated for over a week but finally decided that life is too short to delay this purchase.


I loaded the girls into the car and drove to Arizona to pick it up. This little gem is not only stored inside the garage, but it has three different locks on it. I’m sincerely hoping the garage doesn’t catch fire.

16 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. How cute is that? We have a 27 footer motorhome, but the size is a pain sometimes and it leaves us without a vehicle (unless we tow a car on a trailer or both of us drive). How awful it got stolen, hope insurance paid for the new one. Happy trails! 🙂


    1. Nope, no insurance; but get a load of this: Four weeks after I purchased this one, the local police called to say they had recovered the old one. It stinks to high heaven, even after scrubbing it down for a week, so it’s going up for sale.

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  2. I did a series of 3 posts on RVing last year. We bought our motorhome used, because it was cheap and seemed like an easy way to take our pets along and have our own “house” when we traveled. Here is a link to the first post: https://justjoan42.wordpress.com/2016/05/08/rv-ing-for-beginners/. You can hit “next” to read the other two posts if you want. I suspect you are in the “sweet spot” intermediate phase with this little A-Liner beauty. 🙂


    1. I had two objectives here: 1. Make people giggle; 2. Amuse myself. But now, I see I have a third. If I can inspire others to have fun, I’ve accomplished another goal. I live vicariously through your blog and others. It widens my world and renews my faith in the decency of the quiet majority.

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      1. Oh, thanks! We have accomplished some good goals including owing our own business and getting published.

        I try to fit in having fun but some of these goals have been great fun and I do feel fulfilled. Both husband and I have travelled in the past to some interesting countries.


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