That Sharp Block

I heard once that your conscience is like a sharp block in your chest. Each time you do something that troubles your sense of decency, or morality, if you will, that block spins around, creating a painful sensation which is impossible to ignore. However, if you can train yourself to ignore the discomfort long enough, you can wear the edges of that block so smooth that it spins like a cue ball, causing little sensation at all. It’s at this point you can pardon yourself.

5 thoughts on “That Sharp Block

  1. Self pardon is an empty act. It is the pardon from and of others that is the soul’s balm. Sadly I think there are too many who have cue balls spinning in their chests!


    1. It is a struggle to turn the other cheek and love the enemy these days, but I do try to understand what makes a person feel justified in behaving badly. Frankly, I fall short of the mark often.


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