Coyote Curmudgeon

My “old” friend, Mary, joined the girls and me at a quaint bed & breakfast in the rural community of Rainbow a couple of weeks ago. Mary’s not THAT old but our friendship goes back some fifty years. FIFTY YEARS!?! Okay, I guess she IS that old.

Mary and I became friends when we were in seventh grade and we discovered we both had a crush on the same boy. There was no rivalry as he didn’t know either one of us existed. Our friendship was further enhanced because I was horse crazy and she had two horses. We never lost touch over the years even though she moved away at the end of ninth grade. Each of us married young and our husbands joined our friendship. The four of us spent many weekends and vacations together despite the two hour drive between us. Now, entering our retirement years, Mary’s husband is suffering a life-threatening illness, and that weighs heavily on Mary both mentally and physically. An overnight getaway with her old friend was just what the doctor ordered.

I loaded up the girls and all their gear, beds, bowls, homemade dog food, etc. and we were off. 20170515_153114

The girls loved Mary, who is (of course) a dog lover and the B&B hosts were most gracious. The weather was rather cold and breezy but the girls enjoyed the pool nonetheless. A good time was had by all.

Back home we fell into our usual routine of biking and walking. This morning, we were thoroughly dressed down by an irate coyote who told us in no uncertain terms that we were unwelcome trespassers on his turf. When we were about 100 yards away he began his yammering, standing in the middle of the paved road, between us and home. I courteously put the leashes on the dogs, though they showed no interest in mixing it up with him, and stood patiently waiting for him to finish his tirade. After a minute or two, he grudgingly moved a few yards off the pavement, but continued his harangue. We proceeded past the place where we knew him to be by his yapping, even though we couldn’t see him in the brush. The girls showed less interest in him that they do the dogs along the way who are behind fences. I would call him cheeky but, in his defense, we were invading his territory.

The road is closed to vehicles here but motorcycles can get around the gate.DSCN0004

10 thoughts on “Coyote Curmudgeon

    1. Well, I admit, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to write about. That walk is pretty routine but they enjoy it beyond all description. Just watching them (Sadie mostly) leaping over brush and pouncing on imagined prey, tearing at break-neck speed over rocks and cactus, makes me grin with shared pleasure. Molly delights in lolling in the stream and watching for Sadie to flush a rabbit in her direction. Luckily, the rabbits are too quick for them, even working in concert.


    1. Our coyotes are practically tame because they live in such close proximity to civilization. I have seen one in my front yard and hear them in the field across the street frequently. I have no fear of them but I do respect their right to live a life free of harassment. Unlike some of my neighbors, who are shortsighted and hunt them for sport, I appreciate their role in keeping rodents in check.


  1. Finally at reading you, Judy; I am wondering what is the most dangerous : a coyotte or a gander?
    The gander already attacked my son and wanted to pinch him. The gander got a “punition” ! 🙂
    Love ❤

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